Gabion Baskets size 2*1*0.5m with high anti corrosion zinc coating acting as a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion along the new national road in Pursat province.

About 2000pcs of gabion baskets for slope protection and erosion control along the new road were installed in Pursat province by a private contractor for ministry of transportation.

The contractor spent about 10 days to finish building a 1.5 meters high and 500 meters long of retaining wall by using our gabion boxes, which is by far faster than using other methods in preventing erosion, slope protection and site stability. The labor cost was must more cheaper and affordable as They only used gabion boxes filled with local stones and cheap aggregates. They saved a lot by not using cement, plywood, or any foundation.

With dense forest surrounding the area, gabion boxes are permeable and free-draining, look natural, and long lasting.