What are Gabions?
The term gabion refers to a modular containment system that enables rock, stone or other
inert materials to be used as a construction material.
The modules or cages as they are known, are formed of wire mesh fabric panels, jointed to
form square, rectangular or trapezoidal shaped units. These units are part
Pre-assembled in the factory to form a flat pack system.
These flat pack units are then supplied to the customer and formed into the final shaped
module on site with the necessary lacing wire, helicals and / or rings as required. Each
module has to be connected to adjacent modules to form a monolithic structure.
The types of mesh used, must be of a non ravelling type such as welded wire mesh or
hexagonal woven wire mesh and provided with corrosion protection to suit the required
exposure conditions.
The gabions are normally machined filled in layers with the contractor picking the stone
over by hand to reduce excessive voids. The exposed faces are also systematically hand
packed to provide an appearance of a dry stone wall.
Although some structures are only machine filled, this procedure is not normally recommended.
For gabion structures to perform correctly the quality of installation is of paramount