We are the main supplier of Geotextile in Cambodia. APT Non-woven geotextile are manufactured entirely on automatic production lines with Korean technology, using 100% polypropylene with high UV resistant. Geotextile always used with Gabion box.

APT factory can produce from tensile strength 7kN-> 80kN (100g/m2 -> 1200g/m2).

APT Non-woven geotextile are widely used in road and bridge construction projects thanks to its high quality and diversified features suitable to all technical requirements of geotextile in Cambodia.

Technical Specification:


Road base stability: Thanks to the high tensile, non-woven geotextiles are used as a layer between the subgrade and the weak soil to maintain the subgrade thickness and increase the load capacity of the road. It helps to stabilize the subgrade in road construction, railway, yard, container yard, ground leveling ….

Restore and strengthen weak ground: Geotextile is used as a cost-effective and effective way to restore weak cells or areas, such as swamps and mudflats, with high tensile strength and low elongation.

Anti erosion: Used in structures such as dykes, dams, irrigation canals, river and seacoast to reduce hydrodynamic pressure from inside sloping surfaces and eliminate environmental impacts of erosion like temperature, rain, wind, waves.

Filtration and water drainage: using in projects such as stadium, golf course, park, drainage flow in farming…

Protection layer for geomembrance in landsfill, waste ponds,…

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